Fair Hospitality Report

Further to our Livi Living Wage Campaign Day survey, I have reported on the responses.  It is truly shocking, though unsurprising, that precarious working conditions and exploitative practices are deployed to such a great extent in the retail and hospitality sector.    Continue reading

Livi Living Wage Campaign Day

On the 16th of December, some local activists, alongside representatives from Better than Zero campaigned at Livingston Centre for the Real Living Wage of £8.75 per hour.  Continue reading

Responses from ASDA and M&S

Following my letter to major employers in Livingston Shopping Centre, I have received a response from ASDA and M&S.  Continue reading

Becoming a Living Wage Employer

I have written to the major retail and hospitality employers in Livingston Shopping Centre in an effort to persuade them to become Living Wage Accredited Employers.  Continue reading